According to recent news items of the establishment media host all of the millions of Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, Haitian, Cuban, Etc., Etc., Refugees go on social security handouts as soon as they set foot on our shores! Did you know that they are automatically “entitled” to draw these payments for three full years? Who authorized this law? Is it a law passed by congress or did the Washington bureaucrats just change the social security law by procedural edict? Why wasn’t the American people told about this through our establishment newspapers, radio, television, in a loud protesting uproar? If the social security fund is going broke as every source seems to be certain of, how can it afford the billions this costing?

Some of the bureaucrats have expressed concern because most of these aliens think that they do not have to even look for a job until the three years are up because they are automatically entitled to these payments! In other words, you retired American workers, who worked all of your life and paid into this social security (?) fund may soon see it all vanish because it is being drained by aliens who have no right to any of this money.

Tell (don’t write) your congressman - to send these aliens home! Tell them also that if they don’t do it soon you will do it for them, and that they (the congressman, senators, president, bureaucrats, Etc.) Will be sent along with them.

While you are at it tell them you are also tired of paying taxes to pay the reparations to the bastard state of Israeli! We don’t owe those Jews one cent, and the sooner we stop shoveling billions of dollars annually into that bottomless pit the sooner working Americans will have a chance to buy the homes and all of the necessities of life. The time is long overdue to get all of the parasites off the backs of our people and cleanse America of ALL non producers… WAKE UP WHITE MAN, AND START COMING TOGETHER INTO A NATIONAL RACIAL ARYAN NATIONS STATE!


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