Religion for the Aryan is Race; and Race is Religion. Race is Soul seen from without; and Religion is Soul seen from within. Seeing that the ultimate arbiter in the minds and souls of men is a faith and world-outlook, National Socialism representing the Union of Church and State in an Aryan folk community, is a vibrant missionary creed claiming the total allegiance of Aryan man. Adolf Hitler stated: "National Socialism is even more than a religion. It is the will to make mankind anew." Again He said: "Once the Church was something big. Now we are its heirs. We too are a Church. I don't mind if the old people limp to the confessional; but the young ones, they will be different. I guarantee that." The greatness of the National Socialist idea lies in its religious fervor in which, fanatically convinced of its own right, it triumphs intolerantly over every other force. If an idea is essentially right, such as is the Aryan world idea, and is in this way prepared for the struggle, then it is unconquerable; and every persecution will only lead to an increase of its inner strength. The failure of the so-called Christian Churches is largely the result of their sin against "the likeness of the Lord" in ignoring race and the purity of the blood of the nation. Both Christian confessions, Catholic and Protestant, looked on unconcernedly at the desecration and destruction of Aryan man. True religion seeks above all the preservation and increase of Aryan man, a noble and unique creature which, by YAHWEHS Grace, has been given to the earth. The essence of religion and race is contained in the question which is of first importance to the Aryan world: Does this serve the interests of our race and people now and in the future, or will it injure it? Before this test, "considerations of party politics, of religion, of humanity --in a word, every other consideration --can have no place whatever." --(Adolf Hitler) A leader of the German Faith Movement stated: "For us, as for countless Germans, National Socialism is the new faith which makes every Confession and every group with its worldview superfluous. The man who has not yet recognized that the new faith of our people manifests itself today with the utmost power and decisiveness in National Socialism, and that it inspires millions of German men, making them capable of unlimited sacrifice, can have no part in the faith of his people and its creative work." Fichte said: "Among all the peoples the Germans are that in which is contained most definitely the germ of human perfection." National and racial honor is the central thought of all Germanic and Aryan striving. To give to the Nordic racial soul its corporate expression in the Aryan or Germanic world church is the greatest task of the twentieth century. The German National Socialist State is not only a State, but also a religious community, a Church. Aryan nations and communities throughout the world take the German Holy Land, with its laws and institutions, as their pattern and example. The world, our Aryan race, and the Message of ELOHIM are saved from the churches and their doctrines by National Socialism. They are awakened to new life and meaning in the Life and Work of Adolf Hitler. Christian belief, to be true, to be German, must be purged of all remnants of Jewish thought. Almighty YAHWEH GOD has revealed Himself to the German people and to the world in Adolf Hitler. The members of the Aryan faith affirm on oath that they are free from Jewish or colored blood, and that they belong to no secret society, Masonic lodge, Jesuit order, and profess no other religion. Mankind, as seen by the Aryans, is called upon to strive with all its power to attain to perfection in this life. Germanic religion is based upon a conscious response to the dictates of Blood and Race. Vicarious salvation and original sin are rejected, as well as the Biblical concepts of punishment and the notion of sin. The ancestors of the German peoples were unhampered by the Superstitions and ruses with which priest craft has maintained its Spiritual Empire. Conscience and self-mortification are Jewish blemishes, splitting the minds and souls of men, and attempting to defeat true instinct and intuition with the power of Jew-directed intelligence. The Aryan man rejects such chimeras as illusion and as impediments to his integration and wholeness or holiness. The German character demands an affirmative attitude to life, to everyday existence; and follows the life-giving force in the Invisible Voice, the Spirit of YAWHEH GOD, summoning onward and upward. There is no conflict in the German soul, nor between Religion and Science, between YAHWEH GOD and Nature, because all Creation is the expression of Eternal Spirit, of Infinity, of Almighty YAHWEH GOD.

Pastor David J. MinerComment